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What We Do...

In an economy where cybersecurity is in high demand and talent is in short supply, experience is critical. It is our mission to leverage our quantifiable cybersecurity experience and credentials to assist clients with their technology, compliance and regulatory needs. 


How our clients benefit from our services: 

Our quick response and efficient solutions helps cut back on down time.  


They save on staff overhead by using our services to serve as their full time IT staff, some save by using us to assist their existing IT staff where it concerns cybersecurity and compliance.  


Our proactive auditing services help clients manage their customer data and other sensitive information to keep them in accordance with regulatory or compliance standards. 

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What People Are Saying...
"I've known Derek several years, and I trust his judgment. He serves our customers, shareholders, and our community with competence, diligence, professionalism, and integrity."


- SVP, Risk and Compliance Manager

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