Sometimes compliance is the reason for looking into security. Other times, it's due to a recent breach - or hoping to prevent one.
Whatever the reason, we've got you covered.
HIPAA / HITECH Technical Compliance Assessment
For organizations in and around the healthcare industry.
GDPR Technical Compliance Assessment
For companies that process EU citizen data, or companies whose vendors may require GDPR compliance.
PCI DSS Technical Compliance Assessment
If your company handles credit card information, you likely need to be PCI compliant.
Network Risk Assessment
Make sure you're aligned with technology best practices to mitigate internal and external risks.
IT & Network Security Assessment
If you're not confident in your company's IT security, this assessment is for you.
An effective cybersecurity program involves more than monitoring for security threats. Especially for companies that are required to meet specific requirements as a condition of their service agreement or government contract. For companies that contract to the government, companies that offer financial services or healthcare providers, STC has certified professionals assisting business owners with understanding remediating and attaining industry compliance requirements. Receive a roadmap to help you meet the security compliance requirements based on your industry.
We use the National Institute for Standards and Technology when reviewing and remediating client policy and technology plans. This ensures our clients are compliant with any of the applicable:
  • CMMC
  • UESC 
  • HIPAA 
  • PCI 
Compliance/Certifications: Our certified staff provide efficient solutions such as: 
  • 24/7 security monitoring, running updates and running procedures that work to maintain compliance.
  • Training employees and offering certification classes to help meet all compliance requirements that will keep you in compliance and away from pesky fines.
Security Analysis: Go on the offense by understanding where you are most vulnerable, then identify a strategy to shore up your business-critical assets:
  • Vulnerability Assessment identifies and quantifies potential threats and vulnerabilities, then prioritizes a remediation strategy.
  • Penetration Test simulates an internal or external hacker by attempting to access and modify an application or data file.

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