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COVID-19 & Global Cybersecurity: Urgent Action Is Needed:
Coronavirus Cyber-attacks:
Over 4000 Android Apps Expose user data:
Phishers are using “black SEO” to lure users in to malicious downloads masquerading as the latest Star Wars movie:
Wawa says malware may have collected customer card info:
"A Hacker at your door: the ring doorbell exploit explained"
Beware!! Microsoft Warns Dopplepaymer Ransomware Attack On Windows Users in Enterprise Network -
Disney+ fans without answers after thousands hacked-
A national problem: In the last five years, it’s become common for American cities to get hit with ransomware. Baltimore was infected this year at a recovery cost of $10 million. A small Florida city paid $460,000 in ransom after an infection in June. -
23 towns in Texas had their computer systems hacked and their data held hostage in a large-scale coordinated ransomware attack August 16, the Texas Department of Information Resources said-
Apple Computer fans have long loved to point out the safety of using Mac OS X, which has mostly been left alone by hackers. But the recent arrival of three threats has some asking: Is the software's charmed security life over? -
October 26, 2019: The account information of over 7.5 million user’s of Adobe Creative Cloud was exposed due to an unprotected online database, including email addresses, usernames, location, Adobe products, account creation dates, dates of last login, subscriptions and payment status.

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