Cybersecurity Assessments

The most critical risks to a company are not only within your IT environment, but in the processes, policies, and procedures that can leave you open to popular phishing and social engineering attacks. The smartest thing we can do as your security service provider is to consider your greatest areas of risk, including user behavior. Our IT assessment is a key tool used to identify the health of your network and any areas of concern. We add an extra security layer by using NIST standards when recommending remediation, to ensure best practices are in place.
What is an IT Assessment?
An IT assessment will uncover high risk areas, show vulnerabilities, reveal gaps, and figure out exactly what's going on with your company's security.
You'll get actionable recommendations and insights you can use whether you work with us in the future or not. 

4-Step Assessment Process:
The goal of the assessment is to gain an understanding of your company's susceptibility to risk, identify opportunities for improvement, and provide practical recommendations aligned with best practices as it pertains to the current IT infrastructure and security controls.
Phase 1: Configure Systems & Begin Security Scan
The first step is to set up the security scanning software and a few other tools so we can evaluate your network security. 
These scans will begin:
  • External Vulnerability Scan
  • Network and Security Data Collectors
  • Internal Vulnerability Scan
These tools take time, so they'll run for a few days to a few weeks, depending on the size and complexity of your network. 
Phase 2: Physical Security Walk-through and Interviews
One of the most often overlooked sections of cyber security is physical security. We'll make sure that your IT systems and data are protected on a physical level, as well as at the cyber level.
We'll also sit down with your executives and your IT team (if applicable) to understand some of your processes related to data collection, storage, security threat mitigation, etc. 
Phase 3: Final Data Collection & Report Preparation
We'll collect all data and assemble it in a meaningful way - that way it's clear to the executives and stakeholders where the holes are and what needs to be done moving forward.
Phase 4: Delivery and Review With Stakeholders
You'll get a high-level executive summary, as well as detailed reports with all of our findings.
We'll review the highlights together and explain the situation. You'll get actionable recommendations and insights you can use whether you work with us in the future or not. 
By the end of this meeting, you'll know exactly where your network is strong and where it could use improvement.
Typical Cyber & Network Security Assessment Scope of Work
We'll perform a comprehensive review of the following areas:
  • Network Architecture and Protections
  • Server Environment
  • Workstation Management
  • Inbound Firewall Configurations
  • Outbound Firewall Configurations
  • Evaluate Effectiveness of Patch Management Tools
  • Evaluate Anti‐Virus and Anti‐Spyware Tools
  • IT-Related Administrative Control Process Review
  • Shared Permissions Review
  • Internal Vulnerability Scan
  • Anomalous Login Detection
  • Security Policy Assessment
  • Backup, Restoration, and Disaster Recovery Planning
  • Physical and Environmental Security

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