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IT Solutions
for Your Industry

Government Contractors 

Federal government contractors, especially those who do business with the Department of Defense, should be aware of the federal government's concern around cybersecurity. Ensuring the protection of sensitive data, such as CDI, is critical to both maintaining contracts and solidifying your reputation as the go-to contractor. Ensuring your compliance with all things cybersecurity is our business. Contact us for more information on how we can help you become CMMC ready.

Banking & Financial Services

According to the the ABA, Banks have the highest level of security among critical U.S. industries—and the most stringent regulatory requirements. Our Certified professionals know the ins and outs of the financial sector's auditing process. A proactive approach can be cost effective so don't wait until the auditors are at your door. Allow us to ease the stress of OCC audits with our penetration testing, remediation and training programs. 


As stated on the HSS website, Congress recognized that advances in electronic technology could erode the privacy of health information. Consequently, Congress incorporated into HIPAA provisions mandates the adoption of Federal privacy protections for individually identifiable health information. This means, as a medical practitioner, and if you work directly with patient sensitive information, you can be held responsible for implementing security practices and policies designed to keep patient records secure. Need help? Call us for more information about our HIPAA compliance services.

Energy & Utilities

Given the connectivity of the world we live in it is especially strategic for energy & utility contractors to include cybersecurity into planning as early as in the development project phase. Our vCIO program is a perfect addition to your team. A vCIO adds the critical view of a cybersecurity expert as it relates to your project infrastructure. For UESCs, integrating cybersecurity control requirements into the performance assurance plan is not only best practice, it's advantageous when submitting bids. Contact us for more information. 
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