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Information Security:

Outsourcing to a Managed Security Service Provider (MSSP) helps organizations transform many capital expenses into smaller operational expenses.
It is important to understand: Information Security and IT support are NOT the same thing! Having an IT provider or an IT team in place does not ensure your company has the best cybersecurity program and tools in place.  
We design customized technology security service plans supporting working professionals in all fields, companies of all sizes. From guiding  desk & break/fix techs with security settings to adjusting configurations that follow your processes, hit your security targets, and meet your performance needs- we cover all cybersecurity bases.
It will likely cost you less – which is a big benefit – but it’s more about using resources to foster growth and innovation. 
Additional Services:
Moving into a new space is an exciting time for a company! There are however a lot of moving pieces involved with the migration of an entire office. Secure Technology Consultants offers full-service office migration.
  • Pre-move assessments to ensure your environment is sterile and you are not transferring any pesky viruses
  • Equipment and software upgrades  
  • New site wiring/networking services
  • Proper equipment disposal
  • New site installation
  • Post-move support
A complete project package that eases the stress of relocation.
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