Why Choose Secure Technology Consultants?

Who We Are

The STC team is made up of industry certified professionals who have years of experience working on governance, compliance and cybersecurity programs. We are subject matter experts. It is our intimate knowledge of highly regulated industries that enables us to interpret technical and business requirements. STC knows what it takes to implement effective security, risk management, and technology programs.   

What We Do


  • Develop Your Cybersecurity Program​

  • Manage The Security of Your Systems & Sensitive Data

  • Ensure Your Company's Compliance with Industry Regulations 

How Clients Benefit from Our Services

  • We help government contractors understand and meet DOD cybersecurity requirements.​

  • Our proactive approach and efficient solutions help cut back on down time.  

  • Save on staff overhead by using our services as your full time IT staff or as cybersecurity/compliance experts to assist your existing IT staff.  

  • Our auditing services will help you manage your customer data and other sensitive information. 

Why Use Our Services?

No business or organization that uses computers is immune from the threat of data breaches, unauthorized access, and malicious activities. In fact, more than 70% of all cybersecurity incidents were the result of internal security issues that no firewall, anti-virus, or malware device could have prevented. These attacks do not just take place against large, well-known corporations. While those are the big stories that make the evening news, 60% of all cybersecurity incidents happen to small companies. Secure Technology Consultants is a Managed Service Provider. It is our mission to leverage our quantifiable cybersecurity experience and credentials to assist clients with attaining their compliance and regulatory needs, keeping their network(s) and data safe. We listen, anticipate our partners’ needs, advise on risk exposure and use our real-world experience to deliver efficient and cost-effective solutions.

Contact Us

Atlanta, GA 

Tel. 833- STC - TECH